Ready to Wear

Our ready to wear line shoes are hand lasted and hand welted, featuring many of the same elements for which our bespoke shoes are known.


In collaboration with Wild Swans.

The Art of Shoemaking

We proudly offer our Ready to Wear collection and line of accessories, all made with our considered approach to craftsmanship.


Ready to Wear

Our Ready to Wear line has been developed from our experience in bespoke shoemaking, applying our knowledge of last making and shoemaking to offer you our handmade approach to the craft. Each shoe is hand lasted and hand welted and features many of the same elements for which our bespoke shoes are known.

The Art of Shoemaking

With keen attention to details and an appreciation of balance and harmony, we strive to make the most elegant well-fitting shoes for the modern gentleman.

Order and Process

From Bespoke shoes to our Ready to Wear collection, each shoe is made with the same approach to craftsmanship, quality, and elegance.


Yohei Fukuda learned shoemaking in Northamptonshire, the traditional home of English shoemaking, followed by a local apprenticeship and then work for several years for London firms.


Trunk Show
Due to the challenging situation that we are all facing, all of trunk shows are being postponed for a later date.
Delivery Service
We are pleased to offer trial fitting shoe delivery service within Japan for clients interested in ordering RTW or MTO shoes.

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